My Flatmates

On 15. September 2011, in Allgemein, my flat, QMU, by Marc Iten

My flatmate Alex


Today I start with my posts from Queen Margaret University. I’m already here for one week. So, I will show you, how are my flatmates, and how they are…
Firstly there is in room A Alex… he is bulgarian an the oldest in our flat. He takes part of the student union’s officer committee. There he’s responsible for marketing and communication.

My flatmate Zed


In the next room is Zed. He is from Dubai. Zed is an absolute computer freak.

And if I say something like that, then it must be true.

My flatmate Conrad


The third one, some of you will know him, is Conrad. I know him since years and we do nearly everything together. At the moment he is in his room and is working on his „working station“ with at least two computers, three keyboards, dozens of CD’s & DVD’s and I think thousands of cables.

My flatmate Scott


After him comes my room, room D. I think, I haven’t to introduce me. You will find enough informations about me on this website.

And last but surely not least comes Scott. He is in room E and comes originally from Scotland (somewhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I think). He is surely the craziest guy in our flat.

That is our flat. We are a cray flat, but I think we will have a lot of fun during our study time.

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