Shit happens…

On 31. Oktober 2011, in my flat, Party, QMU, Schottland, Technik, by Marc Iten

Yes, sometimes shit happens. But then… really hard.
Today I tried to log in to a online game.

And then the troubles started. They blocked my account. I did a quick phone call to know what happened. The guy from the support center said, there was a log in try from the United States. But that’s impossible, because I have never been to the USA. So, it was a hacking attack.
The first thing was to call my credit card center and to lock the card. Then I destroyed my card. Because I bought some stuff at ASDA online and I booked some flights with my credit card I have a little respect about this hacking attack.
Now my computer is working for the next few hours to find viruses and some stuff like that. The application has to check more than 500’000 files. That will take a little time. But what can I do during this time? I prefer not to go to the web, because of more attacks…
So, I’m writing this blog and upload it later.

But now to something completely different: tonight is Halloween. And we will go out. Alex, Scott and me like to go out to a Halloween-party. Let’s have some fun. I will take my camera with me, like this, we will have some nice pictures tomorrow.
So, have a nice evening and don’t get scared tonight.

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Fire alarm and iOS 5

On 13. Oktober 2011, in QMU, Schottland, Studies, Technik, by Marc Iten

Today we had a fire alarm… A regular one. Normally we have one fire alarm once a week.

It’s set on wednesday at 01:15 p.m. and disturbs every week the lecture „Strategic Human Resource Management“. But today it is not wednesday and it did not happened at 01:15 p.m. Rather it is thursday and it happened around 11:50 a.m. during a „Managing Hospitality Enterprises“-lecture. So it was a regular one. But I am sure, it was a false alarm.
I took some pictures of it, but unfortunately they are not available any more. That is my fault… Shame on me!
That happens quite after. I was so enthusiastic to update my iPhone to the new iOS 5, that I forgot to save my files on the iMac. To be honest: I expected that all files will still be available on my mobile device after this update. But it seems not to be.
But, on the other hand, I am now a proud owner of iOS 5. And I am so happy with that. Some new features are not that interesting like I expected, but it’s even better than the old one. I just skyped my girlfriend to update her iPhone too. Because there are some features like iMessage or Apps like Find my Friends which are very cool. So I asked her to update hers too and to start communicating on the next level.

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On 20. September 2011, in Anlässe, QMU, by Marc Iten


I’m so sorry. It’s not easy to start from 0 to 100 within a few days. I still try to give you recently updates from my life here in Scotland. So today I start with our first event, where I took some pictures. I was a „Ceilidh“ night, with live-band and a lot of people.

How people look in Scotland

Ok, guys… sorry about that, but today it’s not possible to upload any more pictures. I’m so sorry about that. I tried it several times… but nothing happend… just a technical problem.

ok, let’s try it tomorrow again.

So see you soon.

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Sander Iten Photogallery

On 18. November 2010, in Photokunst, Portraits, by Marc Iten

Seit letztem Sonntag ist eine neue Seite von mir online. Dies ist Moneygram agente Dort versuche ich nun ständig meine neusten Bilder hoch zu laden.

Freunde können sich bei mir melden und erhalten dann ein Login um auch die restlichen Photos sehen zu können.

Sander Iten Photography

Ich freue mich auch über reglich Kommentare unter den Photos (nur für Eingeloggte).

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