Our team lost, but we won

On 13. Oktober 2011, in Freunde, QMU, Rugby, Schottland, by Marc Iten

Today (or now already: yesterday) our team played against Aberdeen. Just a small game for them, but a giant battle for Conrad and me. Our team played 10: 22 (or so) against Aberdeen. Of course we were not playing. We still have no experience. And to be honest: I’m quite happy, that I haven’t been on this battleground. It was very interesting to see, what‘ gooing on and to learn a lot again. But a hard game. Here just some impressions of it:









Conrad and I are looking forward to our first „big game“. But until then, we have to learn and train a lot. And on first place are our studies.

Of course. Nothing else. 😉

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Yesterday I phoned my grandparents, like nearly every week.

The first question from my grandfather was: „now, after some weeks over there, tell me if they have good beer…“ (free translated from german). Because he is a real german guy, who loves beer. So, I answered: „Of course they have… they have Kronenbourg, Heineken, Carlsberg… and we drink Becks…“ (also free translated from german). It’s not because we only drink swiss or german beer, it’s more because the scottish beer doesn’t taste that good (in my opinion).

Today I went out to buy some stuff for this week. I liked to try the ALDI next door. And I found different things. Not to buy, but nice to post on my blog. For example this pack of a traditional scottish breakfast:

a real scottish breakfast

Just the next row I found something special… As a Apple-fan It really jumped in my eyes: mashed potatoes from M(a)cIntosh 😉

M(a)cIntosh mashed potatoes

But back home I decided to cook something different. It is one of my favorite meals, when I visit my grandparents. So, I got the receipt from my grandmother. She will be proud, if she hear (or read) about it.

potatoes, spinach, eggs and Becks

Conrad at dinner

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Hmmmm… marvelous…

On 8. Oktober 2011, in Lebensmittel, my flat, by Marc Iten
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How bread is made

On 8. Oktober 2011, in Freunde, Lebensmittel, my flat, Schottland, by Marc Iten

Today I went out for some dr inks

in Edinburgh. Conrad stayed at home. I just vidited some pub’s and bar’s. When I came back I smelled something wonderful out of the kitchen. Conrad did some bread. It looked awesome. I really looking foreward to taste this nice bread tomorrow morning.



So, tomorrow we will have a great breakfast. With wonderful bread. I will write you how it was.

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Conrad’s Birthday

On 2. Oktober 2011, in Anlässe, Schottland, Studies, by Marc Iten

Again… two day’s without a post from me…

Friday was Conrad’s birthday. Firstly we had a seminar for about two hours. After that we went to the sea for a BBQ. We were more or less all from SSTH.
Beach BBQ

Conrad & Olivia

Conrad's Birthdaycake

It was a nice BBQ.

Lars bought some one-way-grill for £ 1.00, but the it is not the real BBQ-feeling. Magdalena brought a birthday cake for Conrad. So it was quite a good day at the beach, even if it was not warm enough to have a swim or something like that. And after all stuff had been loaded of sand.

After that we went home to the university, changed quickly and went to Edinburgh for some drinks and so.

We were there with David. It was a funny night. Until every pub was closed. Unfortunately.

But this day I had an other success. I got an unlock for my iPhone. Now I can use it with a UK-sim. For everybody who like to contact me by sms or phone: +44 (0) 74 2524 8307

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Two days

On 29. September 2011, in QMU, Rugby, Schottland, Studies, by Marc Iten

Hello out there,
I’m sorry about yesterday. During the day I was at Fort Kinnaird for shopping and eating.



In the evening I had an other Rugby training. And after the training we went to Edinburgh for some drinks.
Tod Coinstar agent a y we h Coinstar agent a d Coinstar agent a lecture in str Coinstar agent a tegic m Coinstar agent a n Coinstar agent a gement.

Dr Cameron Easton from the scottish governement had been here for a guest lecture.
Now I’m a little bit in hurry again, because Conrad, Olivia and me are going to Edinburgh for a small drink. So….
See you later!

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Musselburgh – Edinburgh – QMU – Musselburgh

On 26. September 2011, in QMU, Rugby, Schottland, by Marc Iten


Today we woke up early. So for some of you it not will be early.

We woke up at 8 a.m. It’s the first time we woke up such early here in Scotland. Then we had our second lecture in Strategic Management.
After this one hour we went to Musselburgh. Conrad had to bring back his kilt. We just were in this shop and took the next bus to Edinburgh. There we had a sub at Subway and looked after a shop, who is unlocking iPhones. Unfortunately there were no shop like this. Actually there were some… but not for my iPhone, because it is too new (even when it is more than one year old). I like to use my iPhone here in UK like at home. But that’s not possible with this SIM-lock. So I decided to let unlock it regularly at the orange shop in Switzerland.
After this annoying experience we went back to QMU to prepare us for the next rugby-session. It was a hard training. We had our first lecture in full-contact-rugby. We tried to defend our line and the other group attacked us. It was really hard. After just ten minutes we were so tired, we already had a short break. Now my left hand hurts and Conrad’s knee is also a little hurting (someone stepped on it).
Now I’m so tired, I just like to watch a movie and go to bed then…
So then see you tomorrow.

(and no picture today… I’m sorry)

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Just a swiss (lazy) sunday

On 25. September 2011, in Schottland, by Marc Iten

Hi there,

Today we had just a real swiss, lazy sunday. Or even I had such a lazy sunday. I woke up at 10am. Then we prepared a real swiss sunday-breakfast, with „Zopf“ (see the last posting), jam, ham, swiss cheese (the only one I found here), eggs and bacon. The rest of the day I were just in my room and played a bit on the computer.
In the evening, after Conrad and his GF came back from fort kinnaird, we ordered some pizzas. Firstly we tried it online on Olivia’s (Conrad’s GF) iPad, but it was not so easy. So Conrad took his phone and called Dominos.

And last but not least: now I‘ m eating real swiss

military chocolate.

That was my sunday. How about your’s? What did you the hole sunday?


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A real scottish welcome

On 24. September 2011, in Schottland, by Marc Iten

Hey out there,

Today was not so an exceptional day. It was quite nice outside, the was shining, it was not so windy. Just a nice day. And on such a nice day Conrad’s girlfriend came here to meet us. And of course Conrad picked her up at the airport. Like a real gentleman, in a real schottish uniform:



I think she liked to be welcomed like this.

In the evening we decided to cook and after that I liked to do a „Zopf“ (swiss kind of bread). So I Moneygram agent made a Zopf.

Tomorrow mornig we can taste my homemade Zopf with jam, ham and swiss cheese (I found some at ASDA).


Tomorrow I will tell you, how our Zopf was. So, see you then.

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My Flatmates

On 15. September 2011, in Allgemein, my flat, QMU, by Marc Iten

My flatmate Alex


Today I start with my posts from Queen Margaret University. I’m already here for one week. So, I will show you, how are my flatmates, and how they are…
Firstly there is in room A Alex… he is bulgarian an the oldest in our flat. He takes part of the student union’s officer committee. There he’s responsible for marketing and communication.

My flatmate Zed


In the next room is Zed. He is from Dubai. Zed is an absolute computer freak.

And if I say something like that, then it must be true.

My flatmate Conrad


The third one, some of you will know him, is Conrad. I know him since years and we do nearly everything together. At the moment he is in his room and is working on his „working station“ with at least two computers, three keyboards, dozens of CD’s & DVD’s and I think thousands of cables.

My flatmate Scott


After him comes my room, room D. I think, I haven’t to introduce me. You will find enough informations about me on this website.

And last but surely not least comes Scott. He is in room E and comes originally from Scotland (somewhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I think). He is surely the craziest guy in our flat.

That is our flat. We are a cray flat, but I think we will have a lot of fun during our study time.

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