Fire alarm and iOS 5

On 13. Oktober 2011, in QMU, Schottland, Studies, Technik, by Marc Iten

Today we had a fire alarm… A regular one. Normally we have one fire alarm once a week.

It’s set on wednesday at 01:15 p.m. and disturbs every week the lecture „Strategic Human Resource Management“. But today it is not wednesday and it did not happened at 01:15 p.m. Rather it is thursday and it happened around 11:50 a.m. during a „Managing Hospitality Enterprises“-lecture. So it was a regular one. But I am sure, it was a false alarm.
I took some pictures of it, but unfortunately they are not available any more. That is my fault… Shame on me!
That happens quite after. I was so enthusiastic to update my iPhone to the new iOS 5, that I forgot to save my files on the iMac. To be honest: I expected that all files will still be available on my mobile device after this update. But it seems not to be.
But, on the other hand, I am now a proud owner of iOS 5. And I am so happy with that. Some new features are not that interesting like I expected, but it’s even better than the old one. I just skyped my girlfriend to update her iPhone too. Because there are some features like iMessage or Apps like Find my Friends which are very cool. So I asked her to update hers too and to start communicating on the next level.

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Our team lost, but we won

On 13. Oktober 2011, in Freunde, QMU, Rugby, Schottland, by Marc Iten

Today (or now already: yesterday) our team played against Aberdeen. Just a small game for them, but a giant battle for Conrad and me. Our team played 10: 22 (or so) against Aberdeen. Of course we were not playing. We still have no experience. And to be honest: I’m quite happy, that I haven’t been on this battleground. It was very interesting to see, what‘ gooing on and to learn a lot again. But a hard game. Here just some impressions of it:









Conrad and I are looking forward to our first „big game“. But until then, we have to learn and train a lot. And on first place are our studies.

Of course. Nothing else. 😉

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