Yesterday I phoned my grandparents, like nearly every week.

The first question from my grandfather was: „now, after some weeks over there, tell me if they have good beer…“ (free translated from german). Because he is a real german guy, who loves beer. So, I answered: „Of course they have… they have Kronenbourg, Heineken, Carlsberg… and we drink Becks…“ (also free translated from german). It’s not because we only drink swiss or german beer, it’s more because the scottish beer doesn’t taste that good (in my opinion).

Today I went out to buy some stuff for this week. I liked to try the ALDI next door. And I found different things. Not to buy, but nice to post on my blog. For example this pack of a traditional scottish breakfast:

a real scottish breakfast

Just the next row I found something special… As a Apple-fan It really jumped in my eyes: mashed potatoes from M(a)cIntosh 😉

M(a)cIntosh mashed potatoes

But back home I decided to cook something different. It is one of my favorite meals, when I visit my grandparents. So, I got the receipt from my grandmother. She will be proud, if she hear (or read) about it.

potatoes, spinach, eggs and Becks

Conrad at dinner

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