A new HiFi System

On 8. Oktober 2011, in my flat, Technik, by Marc Iten

There is not so much I can write to you. Otherwise it will get boring, if I write all the days the same thing.
But Yesterday happend something special. A women entered our flat (what is already very special) and asked for me. She was somebody from the university. I got a delivery.

A new HiFi-System. Not an expensive one. Just a little one for about £ 80.00 or so. From Amazon. I thought if I go to amazon.co.uk I will get british stuff. But mombrary.com no. I got just stuff from germany. So I ordered it from germany. I found nothing as cheap as amazon. That’s why I ordered there. And now I have a new amplifier and I used my old speakers from our old home-cinema-system, which broke some months ago. Now I have a quite good sound i. My room. And of course the loudest HiFi-system in our flat.


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