A real scottish welcome

On 24. September 2011, in Schottland, by Marc Iten

Hey out there,

Today was not so an exceptional day. It was quite nice outside, the was shining, it was not so windy. Just a nice day. And on such a nice day Conrad’s girlfriend came here to meet us. And of course Conrad picked her up at the airport. Like a real gentleman, in a real schottish uniform:



I think she liked to be welcomed like this.

In the evening we decided to cook and after that I liked to do a „Zopf“ (swiss kind of bread). So I Moneygram agent made a Zopf.

Tomorrow mornig we can taste my homemade Zopf with jam, ham and swiss cheese (I found some at ASDA).


Tomorrow I will tell you, how our Zopf was. So, see you then.

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One Response to A real scottish welcome

  1. RELGIB sagt:

    Gseht guet uus Koni 😀