On 20. September 2011, in Anlässe, QMU, by Marc Iten


I’m so sorry. It’s not easy to start from 0 to 100 within a few days. I still try to give you recently updates from my life here in Scotland. So today I start with our first event, where I took some pictures. I was a „Ceilidh“ night, with live-band and a lot of trivago.com people.

How people look in Scotland

Ok, guys… sorry about that, but today it’s not possible to upload any more pictures. I’m so sorry about that. I tried it several times… but nothing happend… just a technical problem.

ok, let’s try it tomorrow again.

So see you soon.

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4 Responses to Ceilidh

  1. RELGIB sagt:

    That sound like big fun but there’s only one thing I’m wondering at the moment and you couldn’t even answer me this on facebook 🙂 WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN SCOTLAND?

    Ok. Two questions 🙂 Can you send me some bottles of whisky?

    • Hey man,
      I think I explained it several times. In the military course, on facebook, in my blog… But for you once more: I’m here for tasting different things like whisky. 😉
      In fact: I hadn’t not one glass of whisky here, untill now. But I will. And I will take some bottles with me back to switzerland.

      And what about you? What are you dooing until your next military course?

  2. RELGIB sagt:

    Sorry but I didn’t knew anything about your trip to Scotland 🙂 What are you studying and how long?

    Please just bring single-malts … 🙂

  3. That’s when you never hear at me and just are doing some noise.

    I’m scribed in to „International Hospitality and Tourism Management“. If it’s truly that, I will see in a few weeks. 😉

    Does actually an other kind of whisky exist??? 😉