Shit happens…

On 31. Oktober 2011, in my flat, Party, QMU, Schottland, Technik, by Marc Iten

Yes, sometimes shit happens. But then… really hard.
Today I tried to log in to a online game.

And then the troubles started. They blocked my account. I did a quick phone call to know what happened. The guy from the support center said, there was a log in try from the United States. But that’s impossible, because I have never been to the USA. So, it was a hacking attack.
The first thing was to call my credit card center and to lock the card. Then I destroyed my card. Because I bought some stuff at ASDA online and I booked some flights with my credit card I have a little respect about this hacking attack.
Now my computer is working for the next few hours to find viruses and some stuff like that. The application has to check more than 500’000 files. That will take a little time. But what can I do during this time? I prefer not to go to the web, because of more attacks…
So, I’m writing this blog and upload it later.

But now to something completely different: tonight is Halloween. And we will go out. Alex, Scott and me like to go out to a Halloween-party. Let’s have some fun. I will take my camera with me, like this, we will have some nice pictures tomorrow.
So, have a nice evening and don’t get scared tonight.

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Nothing interesting

On 20. Oktober 2011, in QMU, Studies, by Marc Iten

Sorry, nothing happend during the last week. I didn’t go out. And also the rest is not so interesting. I don’t like to turn this blog into a food blog, because this is the only thing which changes every day. And of course, we cook every day fresh and delicious.

Today I’m in a lecture about Business-Level Strategy. And there I had the idea to take picture of our lecture hall. So here it is:


And yes, there are more students, then on the picture. There should be around 200. But I think there are almost 120.
Perhaps I can write more after the next weekend. Conrad will go home to a family party. And I planmed to go out. Where I still don’t know.
So, that’s it for the moment.

Edit: there is a better picture of the lecture hall.


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Fire alarm and iOS 5

On 13. Oktober 2011, in QMU, Schottland, Studies, Technik, by Marc Iten

Today we had a fire alarm… A regular one. Normally we have one fire alarm once a week.

It’s set on wednesday at 01:15 p.m. and disturbs every week the lecture „Strategic Human Resource Management“. But today it is not wednesday and it did not happened at 01:15 p.m. Rather it is thursday and it happened around 11:50 a.m. during a „Managing Hospitality Enterprises“-lecture. So it was a regular one. But I am sure, it was a false alarm.
I took some pictures of it, but unfortunately they are not available any more. That is my fault… Shame on me!
That happens quite after. I was so enthusiastic to update my iPhone to the new iOS 5, that I forgot to save my files on the iMac. To be honest: I expected that all files will still be available on my mobile device after this update. But it seems not to be.
But, on the other hand, I am now a proud owner of iOS 5. And I am so happy with that. Some new features are not that interesting like I expected, but it’s even better than the old one. I just skyped my girlfriend to update her iPhone too. Because there are some features like iMessage or Apps like Find my Friends which are very cool. So I asked her to update hers too and to start communicating on the next level.

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Our team lost, but we won

On 13. Oktober 2011, in Freunde, QMU, Rugby, Schottland, by Marc Iten

Today (or now already: yesterday) our team played against Aberdeen. Just a small game for them, but a giant battle for Conrad and me. Our team played 10: 22 (or so) against Aberdeen. Of course we were not playing. We still have no experience. And to be honest: I’m quite happy, that I haven’t been on this battleground. It was very interesting to see, what‘ gooing on and to learn a lot again. But a hard game. Here just some impressions of it:









Conrad and I are looking forward to our first „big game“. But until then, we have to learn and train a lot. And on first place are our studies.

Of course. Nothing else. 😉

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Yesterday I phoned my grandparents, like nearly every week.

The first question from my grandfather was: „now, after some weeks over there, tell me if they have good beer…“ (free translated from german). Because he is a real german guy, who loves beer. So, I answered: „Of course they have… they have Kronenbourg, Heineken, Carlsberg… and we drink Becks…“ (also free translated from german). It’s not because we only drink swiss or german beer, it’s more because the scottish beer doesn’t taste that good (in my opinion).

Today I went out to buy some stuff for this week. I liked to try the ALDI next door. And I found different things. Not to buy, but nice to post on my blog. For example this pack of a traditional scottish breakfast:

a real scottish breakfast

Just the next row I found something special… As a Apple-fan It really jumped in my eyes: mashed potatoes from M(a)cIntosh 😉

M(a)cIntosh mashed potatoes

But back home I decided to cook something different. It is one of my favorite meals, when I visit my grandparents. So, I got the receipt from my grandmother. She will be proud, if she hear (or read) about it.

potatoes, spinach, eggs and Becks

Conrad at dinner

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Hmmmm… marvelous…

On 8. Oktober 2011, in Lebensmittel, my flat, by Marc Iten
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How bread is made

On 8. Oktober 2011, in Freunde, Lebensmittel, my flat, Schottland, by Marc Iten

Today I went out for some dr inks

in Edinburgh. Conrad stayed at home. I just vidited some pub’s and bar’s. When I came back I smelled something wonderful out of the kitchen. Conrad did some bread. It looked awesome. I really looking foreward to taste this nice bread tomorrow morning.



So, tomorrow we will have a great breakfast. With wonderful bread. I will write you how it was.

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A new HiFi System

On 8. Oktober 2011, in my flat, Technik, by Marc Iten

There is not so much I can write to you. Otherwise it will get boring, if I write all the days the same thing.
But Yesterday happend something special. A women entered our flat (what is already very special) and asked for me. She was somebody from the university. I got a delivery.

A new HiFi-System. Not an expensive one. Just a little one for about £ 80.00 or so. From Amazon. I thought if I go to I will get british stuff. But no. I got just stuff from germany. So I ordered it from germany. I found nothing as cheap as amazon. That’s why I ordered there. And now I have a new amplifier and I used my old speakers from our old home-cinema-system, which broke some months ago. Now I have a quite good sound i. My room. And of course the loudest HiFi-system in our flat.


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Nothing happens this weekend

On 2. Oktober 2011, in Allgemein, by Marc Iten

Yesterday and today I’m doing not so much. Yesterday I just stayed at home and watched one season of „The big bang theory“. Today I’m working on some things for the university. Nothing special. Except that the weather changed again to a real scottish weather.

Foggy, rainy and changeable.
And I uploaded some pictures to facebook and flickr. If you like, visit my flickr page to see my pictures.


Conrad’s Birthday

On 2. Oktober 2011, in Anlässe, Schottland, Studies, by Marc Iten

Again… two day’s without a post from me…

Friday was Conrad’s birthday. Firstly we had a seminar for about two hours. After that we went to the sea for a BBQ. We were more or less all from SSTH.
Beach BBQ

Conrad & Olivia

Conrad's Birthdaycake

It was a nice BBQ.

Lars bought some one-way-grill for £ 1.00, but the it is not the real BBQ-feeling. Magdalena brought a birthday cake for Conrad. So it was quite a good day at the beach, even if it was not warm enough to have a swim or something like that. And after all stuff had been loaded of sand.

After that we went home to the university, changed quickly and went to Edinburgh for some drinks and so.

We were there with David. It was a funny night. Until every pub was closed. Unfortunately.

But this day I had an other success. I got an unlock for my iPhone. Now I can use it with a UK-sim. For everybody who like to contact me by sms or phone: +44 (0) 74 2524 8307

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